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Alyssia Kent

Originally from Romania, Alyssia Kent is among the most appreciated and desired ISTRIPPER models.

Born in 1991, in a normal and modest family, Alyssia was raised and educated in a more severe, harsh and rigid way, her parents believing that a child must be formed and educated to succeed in life and to achieve the real purpose of learning the hard work to build a secure and bright future.

Being the big daughter of the family, Alyssia went to school, taught but also cared for the two younger brothers, when their parents went to work.

She never complained about the extra tasks that her mother had been given or the great amount of lessons she had to solve for her school.

She always liked being correct, punctual, smart, consistent and diligent. She learned very well, being among the first class students with very good learning results. She was preparing the table for smaller brothers, washing, dressing and playing with them, but also writing homework for school.

At teenage, Alyssia had become a terribly beautiful, hot, charismatic chick. The high and voluptuous Rubensian forms had a special charm, and her presence attracted sympathy, affection, and passion.

After graduating from high school, he attended the courses at PLUS University, where she also was a remarkable, serious, diligent and honest student. Colleagues admired her and she was very grateful, the teachers praised and appreciated her for performances.

Over time, Alyssia had succeeded in becoming the most appreciated student but also the most adored by boys. At the university bal, Alyssia was courted and invited to dance by most boys, being evied by her female colleagues.

With all the success achieved among men, Alyssia did not manage to have a long-lasting relationship because, with vehement, ambition and desire to lead, she removed the potential partner.

Instead, she felt more attracted to one of her colleagues, Maria, an appetizing, charming and sensual young woman. Soon she was able to attract her into her nets by maintaining an exciting and infatuated lesbian relationship.

When speaking about her hobbies Alyssia loves to read bestsellers, travel, play chess, and especially dancing.

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