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The iStripper star with notable celebrity in the adult entertainment is Anissa Kate. She was born in 1987 in Paris, France, being of Algerian origin.
Before her debut as a porn star, Anissa attended swinger clubs. Being talented and super hot, she performed amazing erotic shows. After a while she decided to enter in adult industry, performing with the most popular porn actors and actreses in the world. Desiring to travel around the world, with this oportunity, Anissa has visited many wonderful countries and cities.
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Anissa Kate is the perfect match to any man with a high expectations who wants to build and define his own amorous horizon, and wants her in his little love story , in his dreams, in magical fantasies.
Anissa enrages and charms you at the same time, with her brilliant beauty, and the provocative lascivious moves of her body in virtual megashows. Some of her cards are proposed in partnership with Marc Dorcel.

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