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avery feature istripper
istripper avery award model of the month 2019 february
istripper avery award model of the month 2019 february
avery istripper
avery istripper

About Avery

One of the most beautiful and attractive supermodels at iStripper is Avery. Born in 1997 in Ukraine, in one of the oldest cities of Eastern Europe, Kiev, the model has been remarkable since its childhood, with a delicate angelic beauty, later becoming a very seductive woman, tall, slender, with long and thin legs like a reed. Avery was proud of a long, silky hair, and the angelic face was highlighted with a small nose and large, light brown eyes with arched eyelashes and rosy cheeks.

Since she was at school, the supermodel drew attention to her musical talent with a melodious, controlled pleasant voice. Not even the talent for ballet did not delay to appear, dedicating the body and soul to this wonderful artistic dance. 

AVERY soon became an adorable feminine presence, being more and more often asked to participate in many prestigious shows. She loved being on the stage, she felt fulfilled and happy, encouraged by the crowd, and her more and more demanding and delightful activity culminated in a reward of success and celebrity.

A famous producer immediately remarks Avery, wanting to know her better and launch her on the great stages of the world. He was fascinated by the beauty of the supermodel and wanted to conquer her heart. Avery, from the first dates with the impressive producer, felt attracted by his gentleness and charm, deciding to accept his proposal to dance and perform in various performances, but also the challenge of pole dancing. 

At her first performance in a fulminant show, knowing that she will appear for the first time in front of many men, she was terrible nervous, but she returns quickly thinking that she was supposed to conquer the audience with her brilliance, with the power of seduction and the ambition that define her.

The appearance of Avery on the stage produced a true sensation, the spectators being immediately captured by her lascive, sexy and exciting moves, her cute smile and the bold attitude, managed to trigger strongest desires among men. 

Avery has become, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular iStripper models, with very sexy shows and she has been also awarded with Talent of the Month in February 2019!

Here you have the images from her iStripper cards and shows, i know you will notice her hot ass from the start :D, it would be a shame not to see her better naked on your desktop. If you buy her 40 minutes incediary shows you will also get ultra high quality bonus images and videos.

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Influential Figure

Santa's Lil Secret

Beyond compare

All revved up

Intense pleasures

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