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Katrina Moreno

Katrina is undoubtedly one of the most sexy and talented erotic dancers being considered a true diva of the scene. With Uruguayan origin, born in Montevideo, Katrina managed to become a star of the dance at the age of 29.

If in childhood, she loved animals, cared for kittens, parrots wanting to become a veterinarian, later in the years of adolescence, Katrina chose dance and music.

Voluptuous like a real latina, with a divine body, with beautiful legs and velvety leather, with long brown hair and a cute innocent face, Katrina confessed that, for a good time, she combined the sport with her modeling career. Later, after the age of 18, she began to pursue a dance career.

After high school graduation Katrina received an offer to go to Luxembourg as a dancer. Once she accepted, a new world opened in front of her as she stepped into high society. The audience received it with warmth and satisfaction, encouraging her in evolution with long applause. A big challenge for Katrina was the signing of a new contract in Turkey where she was going to dance at the bar. Her shows were long ovaged, astonishing the crowd, mostly excited men. Using the metal bar and a challenging dress, Katrina uses muscle force to perform ample and slightly risky moves, as well as lascive bumps of the body like a feline in heat, exuding sensuality, physical attraction and sexuality, demonstrating that dancing at the bar can be both a real art and a exciting challenge.

Katrina Moreno is our stripe for striptease in night clubs, realizing perfection, aesthetic contortions, helped by the well-molded body, flexible and perfectly carved pulpit that sends you into the world of sexual fantasies and fetish. Katrina Moreno is the goddess who pleases you with her mystical presence (magical) and her famous beauty that manages to shock you and subdue you into the chains of passionate love imaginations and lust.

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