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Liya Silver

She is an iStripper supermodel , born in Russia 20 years ago. Liya began her modeling career in 2018 and remarked fast and she `s already working for the biggest brands.
Since the early childhood, Liya Silver has dreamed to become a model. By her teenage years, her body had begun to gain beautiful, harmonious forms, and at the age of twenty she could be proud of a perfect and very sexy body. She wanted nothing but to appear in front of the cameras and to show off her divine beauty, the delicacy and sensuality of her soft body, the candy and finesse of exciting moves Liya likes to charm and seduce the masculine audience, to emulate sensuality, to capture the whole attention of men and fascinate them. Her simple appearance on stage, paralyzes the admirers, and when she starts dancing, everyone is in hypnotized.
Today Liya can self-declare an admired and desired supermodel on many scenes of the world. With a sublime, beautiful and delicate goddess body, with long, harmonious legs and generous natural breasts, with an angel face and red, sensual, fleshy lips, the supermodel is already a celebrity and a remarkable image of iStripper website.
Like any artist, Liya loves beautiful arts, music, theater, …..
In her moments of peace and rest when trying to regain inner peace, she relaxes by listening to music of any kind, painting or having fun with her friends. She also expounds ostentatiously, smoky tattoos to be admired, being proud of them.
Surely, any man would love to have a Liya around him!
Hurry up, invite her to your virtual space and enjoy the unique moments of fantasy and ecstasy! Admire the splendor of the body, kiss the voluptuous breasts with the eyes of the mind, lick the trembling nipples, possess it with your fierce masculinity, feel the taste of sex licking her clit and imagine what would you do to her if she were real with you in the room. Consider yourself fulfilled, love and provoke sexuality, feel the joy of life and fulfill your hottest love desires.

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Liya Silver iStripper videos and nude photos

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